• MA-688 Real-Time <br/> PCR System

    MA-688 Real-Time
    PCR System

    MA-688 Real-Time is an economical fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument with full open design tailored to qPCR beginners and small laboratories based on MA-6000 series technical platform.
  • UF-300 Real-Time PCR<br/> System Flyer V1.0

    UF-300 Real-Time PCR
    System Flyer V1.0

    Long turn around time of PCR test and its bulky and heavy instrumentation have been the key factors limiting the spread of this highly precise and sensitive detection method in point-of-care diagnostic applications.

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Shanghai Chuangkun Biotech Inc. is a service provider specializing in gene testing services and food safety / medical POCT rapid molecular diagnosis solutions. The core founders of the company are senior executives and core technical personnel of large enterprises who have been engaged in IVD or related industries for more than 10 years. They have comprehensive coverage from R & D, market to sales, and have rich industry experience. The company’s main business direction has broad market prospects, and its technology is leading and competitive.

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